1) The coolest robot on the planet – Lucky the Dinosaur
From Wikipedia:
“Lucky the Dinosaur is an approximately 8 foot tall green biped dinosaur which pulls a flower-covered cart and is lead by “Chandler the Dinosaur Handler”.
“Lucky is notable in that he was the first free-roving audio-animatronic figure ever created by Disney’s Imagineers.  The flower cart he pulls conceals the computer and power source.  Lucky is capable of moving, vocalizing, and responding to guests.”
2) I have been recently reading a very cool blog about robots “This Week In World Robot Domination” . http://twiwrd.blogspot.com/ .  
A company called RepRap apparently has built a robot that can replicate itself, http://reprap.org/bin/view/Main/WebHome .  
Finally this is just plain creepy, Ai Robots, http://www.perfect-woman.com/en/compagnie.php claim they are trying to build the “perfect women”.  They also say they promise a male version will be available soon.  I am sure this is a hoax, but its still creepy:
Are you in anyway concerned about how much we may become to rely on robots?
Does the idea that robots will developed with Artificial Intelligence bother you?
I think when our automatic dishwashers, stoves, rug cleaners start talking back to us we are in big trouble.  🙂