I have been giving my mind, or what’s left of it 🙂 , a mini vacation.  No blogging, posting or e-mails.  I haven’t even turned my computer on since last Friday.
I did just read some more good news, in a blog by Jennifer Viegas on the Discovery web site, of the health benefits of my favorite food group, chocolate.
“Recently York University biologists determined cocoa consumption may actually increase the lifespan of fruit flies. Now I can hear you saying, “Big deal. We’re not flies.” But chocolate works on flies nearly the same way that it does on humans.

The researchers, Sepehr Bahadorania and Arthur J. Hilliker, determined cocoa can act as a “strong antioxidant,” preventing free radicals from hijacking cells. It also seems to help fight off the presence of excess heavy metals. We’re subjected to these all of the time, given industrial pollution, climate change, bad management of resources and more. The metals include things like mercury, arsenic and lead.

To add to the recent cocoa findings, last year or so I spoke at length with other scientists researching chocolate, and they said preliminary work suggests it lowers blood pressure and can improve cholesterol levels, to the point that it might go into future medications. That’s a pill most of us wouldn’t mind swallowing.”

My favorite chocolate bar growing up was Hershey’s Milk Chocolate.  I also liked Charleston Chews and Three Musketeers candy bars.  I was way over sugared as a child. 🙂

Question – what was your favorite candy bar when you were growing up?

My favorite chocolate brand is La Maison du Chololat, which has a store in Rockfeller Center, New York City,  http://www.lamaisonduchocolat.com/en/ .  Now that I am retired I only go there once a year on Christmas to buy myself a gift of their chocolates.

Question – What is your favorite store and brand of candy?