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Reading about the recent disasters in China and Myanmar (Burma) is a reminder of how quickly our lives can change.  Safe and happy one minute and picking up the pieces of our lives the next.

I was in a earthquake when I was in Japan in 1966.  It wasn’t a strong earthquake, only minor damage to some houses, but having the earth move beneath your feet is a scary experience.

The worst natural disaster I was in was the flood, caused by hurricanes, that hit Connecticut in 1955.

In August 1955 back to back hurricanes, Connie and Diane, drop over 24 inches of rain at the end of an already wetter than usual summer.  Almost 100 people were killed, an estimated 4,700 were injured, and countless others were left homeless.

I was 12 and they let us out of school when the second hurricane hit my hometown of Stamford.  A little stream I could walk across easily had just started to flood it’s banks and I was able to make it to my house, that was on a small hill.  Pretty soon our house was completely surround by water.  We were high enough to be safe but the house across the street had water up to it’s chimmny.

The Emergancy people used our driveway to dock their boat.  One policeman was swept away and drowned.  I don’t remember how long it took for the water to subside but within a few days we could get out of the house into town.

I found a picture of that boat online:


More stories about this storm can be found at the following link:,0,6565100.special

Below is a video which shows the flooding in the town I now live in, Seymour:



Have you ever been in an earthquake or tornado?

What is the worst storm you have experienced?