I hope you enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend because I spent mine cleaning up cat vomit and cat poop. Two of my cousin’s cats were sick, not that I enjoy spending time with them even when they are healthy. The alpha male, Midnight, has developed diabetes and you have to mix his medication into his food so he won’t taste it.  The other male, Ketsu, quickly sensed that Midnight is sick and has now taken over as “top cat”, cat’s really are merciless.

Another of the females, Miska, also know as the blob, has a thyroid problem and just sits on “her” couch 24/7.   I had to put a new “wee-wee” pad on the couch each day because she won’t even get off her couch to use the litter box.  

The door to the bedroom I use was broken so I didn’t need an alarm clock for their 4 am feeding.  One of the cats would just jump on my stomach to remind me to get up.  Did I mention how much a really, really don’t like cats.


1. They help blind people walk in town.

2. Save lives by sniffing out explosives and finding bodies buried in rubble and snow.

3. Help the police catch criminals and with crowd control.

4. Protect your home and family.


1. Spoiled

2. Lazy

3. Completely self-centered.

I am interested to know about anyone’s house guest that happen to be animals, their personalities, or habits.

Can anyone tell me what cats are useful for?  They use to catch mice, but ferrets are much better for that.  Even ferrets are more useful than cats.