I got a DVR from my cable company a few years ago so I could record my favorite tv shows and watch them when I want. I noticed this week that there weren’t many shows on that I wanted to tape. Mostly I like mysteries and shows with interesting characters. I am not a fan of any of the “reality” shows.

Since I have had a problem trying to think of interesting topics to post about I will do a series on “favorites”.

My top 10 2008 tv shows:

1. Wire In The Blood – on BBC America starring Robson Green as a clinical psychologist who helps the police.

2. CSI (Las Vegas) love the cast, especially Will Peterson and Marg Helgenberger





7.My Name Is Earl

8. Myth Busters

9. History Detectives – a PBS show about investigations into objects that are claimed to be of historical importants.

10. The only new show I really like is the new Terminator series, The Sarah Conner Chronicles

What are your favorite tv shows for 2008?