I spent most of my life trying to lead a well organized, carefully planned life. The plan didn’t always work but I felt comfort in knowing I had a plan. Having a job did required planning out the day, but I also had a weekly plan, a monthly plan and yearly goals. I started and ended each day with my to do list. This even extended to my vacations. I would plan out each day in advanced and had an itinerary of sites I wanted to be sure to see. My calendar and my watch were my friend. πŸ™‚

The last vacation I took was two weeks driving the California coast from San Diego to San Francisco. My uncle Jim had been diagnosed with cancer so it was his last trip before he started his treatments. He would live five more years. I planned out every day, booked all the hotel/motel rooms in advance. I found out when the ferry boats left to Santa Cruz Island, the buses to Hearst Castle. I know how we would be spending every day before we stepped on the plane to San Diego.

Once I retired I throw my clock away. The only time I use my calendar is when I set up a lunch or plan a date. I go to bed when I am tired and get up when I feel rested. Being a diabetic I do have a meal plan for each day, 150 carbs and 1,600 calories. No other part of my day is planned.

I don’t expect to plan any more vacations. Just unplanned road trips. If I get up and fell like hitting the highway, I just go, maybe north, maybe south, which ever direction I feel like.

I prefer the unplanned trips. Even though I have enjoyed all of my vacations, I always had one on the clock, one eye on the itinerary. Now it just whatever the day brings. No plans.

1. When you go on vacation do you make up a daily itinerary before you leave?

2. Given a choice would you prefer to have a very planned out organized day or just take each hour as it comes.