I don’t believe anyone has a clue as to whether there is life, complex or simple, outside earth.  I think it is worthwhile to continue to explore this question, as the people at SETI are, http://www.seti-inst.edu/index.php .
I would like to believe there are intelligent, sentient, beings on other plants.  When I look at all the conditions where life exist here on earth it is hard for me to believe these same conditions could not exist on other plants.
1) Believer
In 1961 a young radio astronomer named Frank Drake came up with a formula to estimate how many planets in our galaxy may be home to intelligent life.

It became known as the Drake Equation, and when its inventor factored in the number of stars, the percentage likely to have planets around them, the percentage of those planets likely to be right for life, and so forth, he concluded the universe must be teeming with sentient beings.

2) Skeptic

Dr. Andrew Watson at the University of East Anglia in Great Britain, says the odds of finding beings like us elsewhere is very, very low — perhaps as little as 0.01 percent over the four billion years that a given planet like ours is likely to be friendly to life.

Dr. Watson argues that there’s a finite window for life on Earth–and we came into being relatively late in that window.  The Sun is slowly growing in intensity so that Earth has “only” about a billion years before it gets fried.

“Structurally complex life is separated from prokaryotes [probably the Earth’s first living cells] by several very unlikely steps and, hence, will be much less common than prokaryotes,” he writes in the journal Astrobiology. “Intelligence is one further unlikely step, so it is much less common still.”


An interesting debate on this topic can be found on the link below:



1) Do you believe there is life on other plants?  If yes, is there a life with an intelligence at least equal to humans?

2) If we did find life found on another planet how do you think you would react to this news?