This being National Poetry Month I thought I try my hand at it.  The best poetry site I know is .  I signed up for their poem a day subscription, free, which runs thorough out April.
I lack the patience, and creativity, of a poet like Ric Booth, I like idea “first-word-best-word”, which I first read about from Jack Kerouac, .  He apparently derived this style from the Buddhist,  Chögyam Trungpa, “first-thought-best-thought”.  It is a purely emotional style.  The words pop into your brain, you right them down.  No searching for a better, more perfect word.  This also appeals to someone lazy like me.  🙂
So, from my brain to yours.  🙂
Paper screams,
hands cover eyes.
Hearts in flame,
mothers cry.
Feet dance on water,
thoughts sear through pain.
Babies fart bubbles,
fear melts away.
A block of stone that says it’s hope.
A line in snow that speaks to truth.
A cage of prayers that bears it’s fangs.
A love of kind that covers cries.
If you would like to play along let me know the first mental image that pops into you mind when you read the following words from my poems:
1) babies
2) fear
3) cage
4) love