The Commanding General, Multi-National Force – Iraq, General David Petraeus and the US Ambassador to Iraq appeared today before the Senate Armed Services Committee, including all three presidential candidates, Senators McCain, Clinton and Obama.
You will see a few sound bites on TV with some comments edited by the news room of what ever station you are watching.  You can be sure these comments and clips will reflect the political bias of the station.
Fortunately anyone with an Internet connection can see a complete transcript, and probably video of these hearings.  The primary source I use is the New York Times site, which does have a bias.  That is way it is better to read the entire transcript and comments by McCain, Clinton and Obama.  You can learn a great deal more by reading complete transcripts as opposed to edited sound bites.
With a resource like the “amazing” Internet there is absolutely no excuse not to be fully informed on the issues and candidates.
A link to the question asked at the hearings by each of the three candidates:
Here is a blog on the entire hearings which reads backwards, the more recent comments first.