1) Dance of Spring – DeMar Regier

In the woods
woodpeckers tap
breezes waltz
branches swing.
In the field
crows fly rounds
bunnies hop
a fox trots.
In the patio
doves two-step
bugs jitter
ants form a line.
In the garden
belly dance
while I hoe-down.

2) This one of the funniest, and at the same time some what disturbing, stories I have seen in awhile.


The Florida Marlins all male, plus size, Manatee cheerleading squad.

From an article in the Christian Science Monitor,

“They’re showing people not to take life – or themselves – too seriously”, says their choreographer, Vanessa Martinez-Huff, who declares herself impressed with the enthusiasm with which her recruits have applied themselves to the challenge.  “One of them said to me, ‘I’m OK with people laughing with us for what we are doing, but we don’t want to be laughed at because of our size,’ and that’s a good philosophy.”