Well not exactly Hollywood but I have learned I have the opportunity for a part in an  independant film being shot in New York.

A few weeks ago when I was in New York I went to a party with a friend.  We meet a guy who turned out to be a producer of small indie films.  He said I had the look he wanted for a role in one of his films (old, bald grandfather?).  I did not take him seriously, I spent more time looking at his companion.  I later found out she was the actress, Ali Larter from Heroes.  She smiled at me and I thought she ran her hand down mine, but that was probably my imagination.

To my surprise I got a call and was told to go the set in New York.  I don’t know much about the part but the movie has something to do with a young girl with a father fixation, or in my case a grandfather fixation.  It’s a small role so I may only be in a few scenes.  I was told the film is expect to be R rated, and I may have to appear in the nude.  Appearing nude in a scene with Ali Larter, well we all have to do are part for art.

I did have some exposure to the film set back when I was a young man in the party scene in NY.  I had a brief affair with a actress whose name modest prevents me from saying.  Okay you dragged it out of my, Susan Sarandon.  I had to break it off, our worlds were too far apart.  I hope I didn’t hurt her too much.

I did also make the mistake of giving Shirley McClain my telephone number and it was hard not to answer the phone when she keep calling.

So when I get my Oscar I promise to remember all my old friends.  I will try to remember to send you guys my autographed picture, I’ll only charge you half price.

April fool!

If you could be a fictional character in any movie or TV show who would you pick?