The clip of Bunsen, Harry, Curly and Chopsticks surfing on their 10ins boards has notched up nearly two million hits on YouTube.
Owner Shane Willmott, of Queensland, took the mice surfing when the sea was calm and says they took to it like ducks to water.”The waves are absolutely perfect but so small nothing can ride them except mice. Sometimes I wish I was two inches tall.”

He invited video producer Justin Gane to film them in action and together they came up with the Radical Rodent clip.

Mr Gane said: “I’d never seen anything like it before. I’d never have believed a little mouse could turn a surfboard on a wave but they have a really good sense of balance.

“We get some negative comments on YouTube from people who think it’s cruel but Shane really cares for those mice.

“They’re really clever and get very excited when they go surfing. Shane washes them with fresh water afterwards and he won’t take them out if the sea is too cold.”