I have zero experience in educating, or raising, children.  I can only guess at the benefits/weakness of home-schooling.

A California appellate court recently ruled that parents do not have the “constitutional right” to home-school their children, http://www.csmonitor.com/2008/0310/p01s03-ussc.html .  California education statutes do not mention “home-schooling” but officials have allowed the practice for decades.  The appellate court found that state laws have not been changed to allow home-schooling.

The case grew out of a complaint of physical and emotional mistreatment of a child who was being home-schooled.  A lower court refused to remove the child to a school, arguing that parents had a right to home-school their children.  The three appellate judges rejected this reasoning unanimously.

From the article:

“The number of students nationwide who are home-schooled is not know because 10 states are so hands-off they require no reporting at all, nor do parents always comply with reporting requirements.  Estimates range from 1.1 million to 2.5 million, and the numbers are rising.”

“About half the states require more than simple notification from parents or guardians, such as testing, curriculum approval, or home visits.  But such rules are dwindling – either explicity or by lax enforcement, say experts.  Home-school advocates worry the California case would bring more regulation or enforcement, or both.”

I can’t address the issue of the quality of a home-school education versus a public school.  My concern is that removing children from public schools means little, or no, social interaction between the children of different races, religions and ethnic backgrounds.  This trend would result in a more segregated society, which I view as a very bad thing.

I believe that only with a fully intergrated society can we hope to overcome the barriers of race, religion and ethnicity that divide us.


1. Why would a parent want to home-school their child instead of sending them to a public school?

2. How should federal and state governments regulate home-schooling, if at all?

3.  Will home-schooling result in a more segregated society?