An article in the Opinion section of todays New York Times, “Border Insecurity”, , demonstrates how once again American has not gotten serious about an important problem.

From the Article:

“In Arizonia, a 28 mile pilot project to build a “virtual fence” of senors and cameras has fallen short of expectations.  The problem, according to the Government Accountablility Office, was too much haste and too little consultation with the Border Patrol.  The main contractor, Boeing, rushed into the project with the wrong software.  Its cameras couldn’t focus on targets, and systems were confounded by innocuous things like rain.  The Bush administration has confused things further by saying the system is working as planned – but won’t be expanded.”

If this project is ” working as planned”, which it clearly isn’t, why isn’t it being expanded?

Why waste money on a pilot project if you aren’t going to use it even if it was succesful?

“In Texas, the fence a dotted line, blocking some places but not others.  It cuts through the University of Texas at Brownsville and blocks the migration of wildlife by bifurcating valuable nature perserves in which the country has already made a heavy investment.  At the same time, it seems at pains not to disrupt things that really matter, like golf, stopping short of the River Bend country club and a gated community owned by Ray L. Hunt, a Dallas oil billonaire.”

I guess those immigrants would never think of trying to cross a golf course.  I wonder how many illegal immigrants are working at that gated community?

“The view from Mayor Borane’s part of the world, shared by dozens of border mayors and sheriffs and governors like Janet Napolitano and Bill Richardson of New Mexico, is that nothing short of a phalanz of federal agents standing shoulder-to-shoulder for the 2,000 miles would shut the border the way the hard-liners on talk radio want it shut”

“As for the fence, we like Mayor Borane’s suggestion to let it stand as a monument to the government’s chronic inability- so far – to do anything smart about illegal immigration.”

I don’t have a good answer as to stop, or even slow down, illigal immagration into the US.

It’s a problem all over the world where countries share their borders with poorer neighbors.

1) Develop better cooperative programs between American business, like the farmers along the border who can’t get enough workers to harvest their crops, and the Mexican and US Government, matching the needs of the different parties as best as possible.

2) Recognize that no matter what is done illegal immigrants will continue to tax the resources of border towns.  Provide these communities with more federal assistance.

3) Fine and jail Americans who hire illegal immagrants, instead of American workers, to avoid paying minium wage and benefits.

I would love to hear what anyone else thinks.  I hope somebody can come up with a better solution.  We can’t do any worst that what our elected officals have done so far.