I will be house sitting my cousin’s six cats again this week.  Me and the cats get along fine as long as I remember to keep the door to the bedroom I use closed.  If am going to share a bed with a warm body it sure isn’t going to be a cat.  🙂

The 4:00 am feeding is probably the hardest part of the job.  Cleaning out the litter boxes is not my idea of a fun job either.  My cousine gets up early, 4:00 am, to beat the traffic to work.  She also get out of work early.  She feeds the cats before she leaves so they are use to being feed at 4:00 am.  Cats do not like their routine disrupted so if I am not up at 4:00 am I will hear them meowing and scratching on the bedroom door.

The Cats:

Mishka – a 10+ year old female.  Very inactive and over weight.  Doesn’t like the other cats and has her own room.  When she sees another cat she is too lazy to do anything except hiss.

Midnight – The alpha male.  He is very affectionate with people, not so much with the other cats.  He gets into occasional sparring matchs with the other male, Ketsu, but mostly they just stare at each other.

Ketsu – A large male, is very friendly but prefers to be by himself.  He mostly just eats and sleeps.  I would guess he is the least intelligant of the cats.

Rusty – The oldest cat, a small female at least 13 years old.  She is the crankiest of the cats.  Once she realizes that I am the food sources she is always under foot.  She is fairly active and likes to play with a golf ball.

Marta – A very playful female.  She is active, for a cat.  Her and Rusty fight over who owns the kitchen.  She likes to play with rubber bands.

There is another small female cat, the youngest, but I don’t remember her name.  She is probably related to Marta as they play together.  She is the most nervous of all the cats and usually hides when I am around.

At night they all sleep on my cousin’s bed.  Midnight sleeps on a pillow on one side of the bed, Rusty on a pillow on the other side.  The other cats sleep together at the foot of the bed, except for Mishka, who never leaves her room.

See you all next week.  I hope warmer weather starts getting here by then.