Yesterday I talked about the reasoning side of the brain.  Today I’ll talk about something that works best using the emotional side of our brain – dancing.

As a teenager I did my dancing behind my closed bedroom door.  Listening to Buddy Holly sing about “Peggy Sue”.

In New York I discovered the joy of getting lost on the dance floor in the rhythm and beat of Disco music.  I also discovered the romance of sloooow dancing to “cool” music with a “hot chick”.  🙂

I have never been very good at dances that required learning specific steps, such as ballroom dancing.  I greatly admire anyone who can do that well.

I also have never been that comfortable at dancing at public functions, like weddings.  My dancing these days is done mostly in my living room.

Ballet dancing is perhaps the best example of a style of dancing that requires great skill and hard work.  I am amazed at how an artist like Rudolf Nuryev could perform such difficult maneuvers with such ease and grace.

The other style of dancing I enjoying watching is an unchoreograph, uninhibited, performance by someone who is having fun and is sharing their joy with the audience, like at some rock concerts.

I found two clips that are great examples of these two styles of dancing:

Rudolf Nureyev – Le Corsaire

Natalie Merchant – A funky concert version of “These Are Days”