Brandy, Darla, Tam and Gods Gal, sorry to disappoint you ladies but my traveling companion was my friend and neighbor Mike.  He is a retired ex-marine, who lost his wife two years ago when she had a stroke.

I enjoyed the break and we took our time, stopping every few hours.  Usually when I take a trip I plan my itinerary down to the each hour.  🙂   It is good once and awhile to be more spontaneous and just take off.  Neither one of us are into taking pictures, so we have none to share.  I don’t even know where my camera is.

Our first stop was Baltimore, Maryland.  The town has a very nice harbor area and some great seafood restaurants.  They make the best crab cakes.  All crab with none of the bread crumbs and other fillers you get elsewhere.

Our next stop was Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The temperatures were mild, in the 50’s, but with the wind coming off the ocean it was still pretty chilly.  It was also very scenic, watching the wind driven surf.  Virginia Beach is another great seafood town.

We made it as far south as Jacksonville, Florida.  The Trout River runs through the town.  We had both been there before so we know some good restaurants.

It you sense a theme to the trip is was seafood.  We basically eat our way down the eastern seaboard.  I will have to be on a strict diet for the next week.  🙂