1) Compared to other animals we humans don’t matched up too well.  We aren’t very strong, we don’t see that well, our hearing isn’t that good.  We have survived, and thrived, because of our reasoning mind.

The necortex of the human brain accounts for about 76% of the mass of the brain; with a neocortex that much larger than other animals, we enjoy unique mental capacities, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_brain .

It’s this reasoning power in analyzing the world around us that gives man a competitive advantage over other animals.  It’s reason and logic that helps us gain a better understanding of the world we live in and to build a better future for our children.

We also have an emotional side.  Love is an emotion.  We are attracted to someone who seems to be too tall, too short, too thin, too heavy, or has no taste in clothes.  We enjoy singing and dancing, going to concerts or churchs, because of our emotions.  These things just make us happy.  There is no need to analyize the experience, just go with it.

Whatever inspires people to be good citizens and help others, be it religion or anything else, is a good thing.

However, when we decide on the laws of the societies we will live in and how to deal with our neighbors in other countries, it’s the reasoning side of our brain we need to listen too.  Using reason we can break down the barriers of racism, religion and nationalism our emotional side has put between us.

The reasoning mind created democracy, where citizens choose their leaders; capitalism where it’s the efficiency of the worker that counts not their skin color; technology like the Internet that brings the people of the world together.  The reasoning mind uses science to develop new ideas and create solutions to the problems that challenge us.

The emotional mind on the other hand can result in caring, hard working people  following a crazed, charismatic leader like Hitler, who tells them the Jews are to blame for all their problems and that they are the master race.  The emotional mind gets young people to listen to a religious fanatic like Osama ben Laden, because they are sure that if they die in a holy war they will join God in heaven for eternity.

I won’t see it in my lifetime, it may take a 1,000 years or more, but socities, using reason and logic, will evolve that rely more on cooperation, and not conflict, to resolve the differences between the races and nations of the world.

The pace of scientific discoveries is increasing exponentially.  In ten years we will likely know ten times more about the world than we do today.  These discoveries will demonstrate the value of relying on reason to create the world we need.  As science finds more answers I believe people will gain confidence that humanity can build a better future.  People will turn away from the magical world of myth and unquestioning faith. 

The more we use our reasoning mind the better able we will be to overcome the barriers of racism, religion and nationalism that fuel the conflicts and wars that exist today.  Using reason and logic will give us that better future we dream about.

2) Questions: 

Wouldn’t it be better if we took all the resources, energy and love that is now focused on God and redirect them to our fellow man? 

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we worship humanity and not God?