1) Insect Ice Cream

Insect meals

THe New York Times has an article about the fascinating , or gross, subject of insect food.

“In the kitchen at Toscanin’s Ice Cream, David Gracer plunged a spoon into various insect-and-ice-cream concoctions.  Wielding a grasshopper covered in caramel, he said:  “Insects can feed the world.”

Anyone for some delicious grasshopper caramel ice cream?

I have eaten fried grasshopper, fried Grub and the old classic chocolate covered ants.  I did like the grasshopper and the ants, the grubs not so much.

What is the strangest meal you have had?

2) Muslim Girl Scouts

Muslim Girl Scouts

What could be more American than a troop of girls.  LIke the one above from Wichita, Kansas.  From reading newspapers headlines we might easy think that Muslims in America were divorced from American culture.

Like any other group of immigrants young Muslims are intergrating themselves into the US.

I remember another article, in the Christian Science Monitor, where a young Muslim spoke of how difficult it was to relate to the Imam at the local Mosque, most of whom are from the middle east.

The boy told of how he saw a group of his friends who appeared to be listening intently to the Imam speak.  Looking closer he realized they were text messege each other and paying no attention to the Imam.  Just like so many other young boys at any church in America.

From the Wichita Eagle,


“After serving apple-chicken salad in pastry shells, cucumber tea sandwichs, smoked salmon and asparagus crustini, summer berry tarts, pink lemonade with kiwi, and tea, the members of Danah Salem’s Girl Scout troop did a lively rendition of the Macarena dance,”

“The values of Girl Scouts are very similar to Islamic values.”  said Salem, who leads the group of fifth and sixth graders along with Layala Anbarji.  “It’s nice to re-emphasize those values in a different kind of way instead of always saying, “This is what our religion tells you.”

Where any of you girl, or boy scouts?  An experence I missed out on.