This post was inspired by a discussion over at Gods Gal’s site, 

She is a very caring and devout Christian who welcomes non-believers like me.

Most of my friends find comfort in the word tradition.  It conjuries images of Christmas and happy moments of the past.  The traditions of the past, the words in the bible and our Constitution, provide moral codes we must live by.

I see tradition being used all too often as a straight jacket.  We are instructed to follow a course of action because that’s how it was done in the past.  Any law, rule or code of conduct created in the past needs to be examined in the context of what is right for today.  The socities created by these documents of the past, such as the bible, were far from perfect, as our’s is now. There are many words of wisdom contained therein but we can, and must, improve on them.

I see the past as a blueprint for the future.  Those parts that are working should be kept.  Past mistakes need to be corrected.

What I think of as “modern” history began 5,000 to 6,000 years ago when man discovered agriculture and began living in cities.  That’s a very short period on the grand scale of time, a nanosecond, a blip on the radar screen.   We homo sapiens are still in our infancy of development.

My guess is that we know probably less than 1% of the knowledge needed to fully understand the world we live in.  We are however learning about our world at an ever increasing rate.  My guess is that in 10 years our body of knowledge will increase tenfold.  Every day I read about the advances being made by science, on sites like Science Daily, .

Some stories from the past do fill us with inspiriation.  Others about slavery and war give a very depressing view of the weakness of the societies we have created.  I can understand why some have no hope for mankind and turn to religion.

We do have a long way to go, but we have just begun the journey.  We must learn from the mistakes of our past to make this world a better place to live in.

That’s my focus.  Live for today and work to make tomorrow a better places for ourselves and our families.  The past is just a history lesson.  We have much to learn.