I’ll keep things lite today by posting one more day of some favorite songs of  BuddyO’s and Jason’s.  Also a couple of special videos for Tam.

Everyone have a great weekend.

1) This was the first dance at BuddyO’s wedding.

Whitesnake – This Is Love  (Acoustic 2006)

2) Next is his most inspirational song.

Hush written by Waterdeep’s Lori Chaffer – I could not find any Waterdeep videos on You Tube but I did find a video of the song Hush, sung by someone named Erik 

3) One of Jason’s favorites.

Bruce Springsteen – Open All Night (Home movie of concert performance)

4) Jason’s most inspirational song.

Third Day – King of Glory

5) Tam’s not so secret crush.

Gordon Mathew Thomas Sumner – Every Breath You Take

The Shape of My Heart

I’ll finish with a favorite of mine by the late, great Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London.  I was reminded of this song by Sir Robert, http://sirrobertsworld.blogspot.com/ in a post in “Vinny’s” blog, http://brenttrf.wordpress.com/ .