1) I found a great article in the Christian Science Monitor by Debbie Sweet.  “A surefire receipe for a man’s heart”.  In one family it’s lemon sponge pudding.


From the article:

“My mother couldn’t believe it when she first laid eyes on my father.  It was 1935 when she opened the door to see him standing on her front porch.  His hair was stuck to his face and dripping from hair oil he’d slathered on to impress her. 

 At 16, he probably had a lot to learn about hair care products.  She looked at him, missing his good looks through the soupy strings of hair, wondering who he was and want he wanted. 

“I’m Dave Digelman, and I’m new in town.”  He brushed his hair out of his eyes – probably to get a good look at her – and then put out his hand to shake hers.”


“What was it about him?  Now that she could view him properly, minus the oil, she saw that his black hair had a lovely sheen and soft wave.  She noticed his warm brown eyes.  Seeing her interest, he started to come by.

It wasn’t long until she became a bit unsure of herself.  Did he really like her?  “Have him over for dinner”, her mother suggested, “and make him something special.”  “I don’t cook.” My mother responded.  “Sure you do; you make that deicious lemon sponge pudding.”  My mother had forgotten about the recipe her best friend, Bethel, had given her.


On the night of the dinner, my dad showed up with a small bouquet of lavender roses from his mother’s garden.  Although he always remembered the dinner fondley, he could never remember what he ate.  Except for the lemon sponge pudding.


Me 13-year-old daughter, Emily, grew up with lemon sponge pudding and the stories surrounding it.  Only recently did I realize she’d been paying attention to them.  Out of the blue she asked, “Can Owen come over to dinner?”  “Who?” I asked?

“You know, one of the guys who swims over at Lauren’s with all us.  We’ve been hanging out at recess lately, and I like him.  He likes me too.”

Before I could answer she continued, “We could serve the lemon sponge pudding.”

2) One romantic moment I can remember was, when the song below was popular, I showed up at my girlfriends door with a rose and a Baby Ruth.

George Hamilton the IV – “A Rose and A Baby Ruth”

I would really enjoy hearing about any romantic gifts you have given or received.