This is the first time I was tagged for a meme, from Mandy, Just A Girl, .  Mandy’s songs can be heard on her My Space page, .  Check out her blog, especially on “Whatever Wednesday”  where you get to answer and ask questions.

Book meme:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).

2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Finf the fifth sentence.

4.Post the next three sentances.

5. Tag five people.

From the Phillip Margolin mystery, “Proof Postitive”

“he hit her as hard as he could in the solar plexus.  Mary staggered backword into the house and collapsed in the entryway.  He felt terrible as he slapped plastic cuffs on Mary’s hands and ankles and taped her mouth. ”


1. InProgress (Tam),  This is the first blog I read everyday.  Tam is the one who motivated me to creat my blog.  Her’s is a very moving, and sometimes funny story.  Check out her blog, especially on “Fillin Friday”. where you get to fillin in the blanks of sentances she starts.

2. Gods Gal (Deborah),  GG’s blog has many very moving quotes from the bible and a very thoughtful and interesting comments section, which includes both believers and non-believers.

3. Sir Roberts World, Robert is an engineer and a very articulate blogger.  He participates in many of the discussions on GG’s blog.

4. OneDirection (Rachele), , a student studying to be an Emergency Medical Technician.  She also coachs a girls basketball team.  Very hardworking and caring, the kind of person our world needs more of.

5.  The Magnificent Frog (Hoverfrog),  Another very articulate blogger.  He has very interesting post such as some of the postive benefits to the “seven deadly sins” .

Tomorrow night I will be either doing my happy dance or hiding under the covers from the world.  Go Giants!