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I thought I would start by showing pictures of the wonderful landscape of a child’s face.  It sometimes it does not stay that way.

A cult calling it’s self the “Westboro Baptist Church”,  has made it’s way into the news recently.  It’s one guy Fred Phelps, and mostly members of his family.  Just another paranoid ego manic looking to make a name for himself.

He choose to pick on gays.  In America gay people get picked on a lot.  Sometimes they get dragged behind a truck.  Sometimes groups of young men with bats go to Central Park in NYC for some real gay bashing.

If your are a gay minister like Scott Harrison it’s your soul that pays.

Scott Harrison was part of the “ex-gay movement” from 1982 to 1990.  He describes a three hour session as “spiritual rape”

I hear Christian leaders say “Love the sinner, not the sin”.   When will that message get across?  In 2008 America I don’t see gay people getting much love.

From the article:

“I grew up in the 60’s in a conservative evangelical home, in a Baptist environment.  From a young age, I learned homosexuality was not only bad but it was the worst sin a person could do.  It was worse than murder.  For me, the two options I saw, once I realized I was gay, were to commit suicide and go to heaven or come out as gay and go to hell.  The ex-gay movement offered me a third option.

It was very intense, dramatic, group prayer.  It lasted at least three hours.  At the end, I was drenched in sweat.  There some real areas of psychological wounding.  All I can really describe it as – because of how it happened and the incorrectness of the theology – is that it felt like a spiritual rape to me.

I’m not saying he (the minister) didn’t have good intentions, but it amounted to spiritual rape.  The exorcism occurred that afternoon, and then we ran into the evening church service.  I’ve got hearing issues.  I’m fairly hard of hearing; I had two hearing aids at the time.  This person was convinced that God had given word that I was supposed to give up my hearing aids, that God would heal my hearing.  He did this in front of 300 people.  I was psychologically vulnerable.  I didn’t follow better hunches.  Even though it happened 20 years ago , it’s still hard not to blame myself,…. I knew there wasn’t a demon of homosexuality.

The minister said that if I let him crush my hearing aids, then God would give me back my hearing.  For the next several weeks, I was faking that my hearing had been healed.”

The Christian community needs to build some bridges to the gay community.  So far it’s been nothing but fire and brimstone.