Since this is my first post I tried thinking of something that would get noticed.


Now that I have your attention what I really want to talk about is politics and poverty.

Yikes! Where did everybody go!

Some political humor:

“A goverment that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.”

George Bernard Shaw

“I don’t make jokes.  I just watch the government and report facts.”

Will Rogers

‘Making a speech on economics is a bit like pissing down your leg.  It seems hot to you but never to anybody else.”

Lyndon B Johnson

1) The person who sits in the white house can start a war tomorrow.  That’s not a joke.

He/she can just pick up the phone to the Joint Chiefs and say “Go get’em”.  There isn’t a thing Congress to do about it.  The President can’t offically declare war, he does have to eventually get Congress’s approval for funding, but no can stop that call.

Think about that the next time you decide to watch a movie or go to the mall instead of spending some time to know where the candidates stand on issues.

Since you are reading this post you are connected to the greatest wealth of information since the dawn of man, the Internet.  There is absolutely no excuse for not know what the candidates think.

I’ll make it easy for you.  By far the best, least bias, site I have found is .  They have direct quotes on every issue from the candidates with direct links back to the source of the quote.  There is also a Vote Match Quiz.  You indicate your stance on the issues listed, then you see what percentage of the time each candidate agrees with you.

2) There is a great story, in the Christian Science Monitor about how Barrington Irving overcame the poverty of his youth to become the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world.

We don’t spend money to reduce poverty just to help the poor.  We spend this money so America can maximize its resource, a countries greatest resource being it’s people.  Think of all the potential leadership lost on drug lords.  Think of how many potential Einstien’s are sticking a needle in their arm.

From the article:

“Like many children growing up on the streets of Miami’s poorest neighorhoods, Barrington Irving did not dream he would become one of life’s high flyers.  Born in Jamaica to a catholic family that moved to Florida when he was six, his greatest ambition ws to evade drugs, gangs, and violence that blighted Miami Gardens.”

“Today, after an extraodinary year that saw him fly solo around the world in 97 days – the youngest pilot (he was 23) and the first person of African descent to do so, according to Earthrounders, and organization that tracks flight records – Irving is, by his own admisson, soaring.

“It’s still a complete whirlwind right now, even though I’ve been back for several months, ” he says.

In those months, he has traveled the country sharing tales of his epic adventure in schools, charity dinners and community groups, and even returned to Jamaica, where he was honored with the government’s Musgrave Award for young achievers before thousands of well-wishers.

Now with that same determination that helped him raise money for the flight and saw him through long hours in the cockpit of his custom-built, single-engine Columbia 400 plane – battling 100 mph winds, sandstorms, monsoons, and turbulence he has thrown himslef into a new project.

At Miami’s Opa-locka Airport, Irving has set up Experience Aviation, a nonprofit learning center aimed at introducing children to the joy of flying.  The center , he says, will address the shortage of youth pursuing avaition.”

“It doesn’t matter where you came from, what you have, what you don’t have.  The only thing that matters is that you set a goal and just dream, live, fly.”